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A free karaoke system for fun and education


A. Kattner (
Markus Brücher (
Stefan Huchler (



If you want a new feature or don´t like some aspects of canta, please go to the Project Issuetracker and vote for the Issues that are most important for you. If you don´t find the feature you miss please add it to the tracker. **

** github account required


Ubuntu Packages
OpenSuse Packages


If you found no package for your operation systems or distributions in the package section download the Sources:

Download the latest stable version (v0.2.0) as zip or tar .
You also need the canta-media package which contains themes and some songs: zip or tar You also need some other dependecies, you find the list in the INSTALL file of the sources.

Get the latest Sourcecode over Git

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://
$ git submodule update --init

New website

first the old website was gone because somehow the linux by our provider did not boot up, and because our provider refused to send us the files of our old page (and we made not much backups), so we have to start a web presence again.

Because the github pages are very limited and we need a forum + wiki we will use redmine again. At the moment you have to register to see something on the new site but then you can go to the project here